Stretchy poliester webbing with soft edges.

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Petram Coelum is our first webbing. It was designed with care for actual needs in this sport. Lightweight, strong, durable, different colours on both sides and soft edges are everything what you would expect from modern webbing. Three layer design with non braided fibers under the edges makes this webbing really pleasant to walk and catch. Although it's poliester line it has high stretch of ~10% at 10kN so it's perfect for big bounces and surfs but remains easy to rig even in the park.


Working Load Limit: 6kN

Minimum Breaking Strength: 31kN

Stitched loop's strengh: 27kN (87%)

Stretch: ~10% @ 10kN

Weight: 61,5g/m

Thickness: 2,7mm

Width: 25 +/- 0,5mm

Promo 1,65Eur/m instead of 2Eur/m
16Eur for Sawn loop.