The website is still under construction. Shipping is possible worldwide. Fregit options will be updated for easier shopping. At the moment place an order, if your region is unavaliable, the site will show you worldwide price. We will send you two mails one with confirmation and one with payment details and a better shipping options if it's possible.

All prices contain a 23% VAT

In Europe: 5-15Eur for small packages (up to 2kg) and about 20Eur for heavier stuff
Rest of the World: 8-20Eur for small packages (up to 2kg) and about 20-40Eur for heavier stuff
For precise shipping cost make an order or send us a request.

Payment is possible by paypal or international bank transfer.

Remember to check your email (also spam folder) after you write to us on massage sheet or make an order. We usually reply couple times a day.