Double pulley for small 4-6mm ropes with anchoring shackle

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Petram Double pulley is superlight and compact device made for tensioning systems.
Construction is suported by main diverter that holds everything tight preventing falling apart when you unscrew the shackle. Pulleys inside diameter of 37mm with thin dyneema core rope ensure highest possible efficiency and performance while remaining small size and lightweight. Anchor hole fits perfectly standard M12 stainless steel shackle. The pulley is equipped with inside anchor point for embedeeing brake or fixed end of the rope into the pulley system. For best performence we advice to use with our PES, dyneema core rope. Pulley can be embeeded into the weblock.

Working Load Limit (with our shackle): 12kN

Minimum Breaking Strength (with our shackle) : 58kN

Working Load Limit (of inside anchor point): 3kN

Weight (excl. shackle): ~100g

Diamensions (excl. shackle): 74x64x27mm

Pulley inside diameter: 37mm

Accepted ropes: 4-6mm

Pulley material: Anodised aluminium

Inner plate material: Aircraft aluminium

M12 Stainless steel omega shackle is included.