Spliced leash with two Petram Aliminium rings

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Petram Leash Set is a unice piece of slackline equipement. It's designed for better experience during slacklineing. Spliced eye on rings side make this leash safer to use due to no more user error during tying into the rings. It also make it lighter and stronger then any knot. The leash itself is perfect lengh (2,6m) and diameter (14mm) that is similar to standard rope+tubular webbing. Rope used in this leash is much softer and easier to untie even after maaaany leashfalls. The leash is equiped with two, flat bottom Petram Aluminium Rings for better performence.

Rope specs:

Rope: Sirius
Working Load Limit: 7kN
Minimum Breaking Strength: 47kN (in the splice)
Weight: 151g/m
Rope diameter: 14mm
Rope lengh:  2,6m
Rope is spliced by professional arborist

Rings specs:

Every ring was tested up to 5kN force. 

Working Load Limit: 4kN
Minimum Breaking Strength: 20kN
Weight: 52g
Outer diameter: 80mm
Inner diameter:  60mm
Material: Anodised Aluminium

Do NOT attempt to use this as a anchor for a slackline!
This gear is not P.P.E. certified