Webbing for releasing tension from the slackline. Sold with out shackles

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Soft release is a very usefull piece of equipement. it allows you to reduce time and efford during derigging  process. A piece of light webbing wrapped (at least 5 layers) around shackles or in weblock gives you an abbility to fast and easly remove tension from your line with out additional gear. SR strap is equiped with sawn loop.

2,5m piece is ideal for releasing highlines and short lines in the park. With good method it's enough for releasing any highline (you have to trensfer the tension to tagline with munter hitch and release rest of the tension by letting the tagline do the job)

16m piece is good for tensioning lines (up to 50-60m in the park. Check Petram Soft Release-Set) and releaseing almost any line, even high tension longlines.

It's the best to use dedicated weblock on one end and shackle on the end with sawn loop. That way the lifespan of the strap is longer. If you use two shackles, put the sawn eye on the pin of the shackle and the other side put on the bow of the shackle to prevent catching moving fibers in the pin hole.

Sold with out shackles

Webbing Minimum Breaking Strengh: 22kN
Soft Release MBS (5 wraps) : 60kN
Soft Release Working Load Limit: 12kN
Webbing weight: 38g/m
Sawn loop strengh: 17,5kN


Depending on a batch. The SR webbing may be different colour (black/blue) 

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