Best compleate entry level system for slackline rigging up to *90m

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Complete system made for tensioning and detensioning slackline. It allows you to enter into longline world without purchasing heavy and expensive gear. At the same time it remains easy to expand in future, so there will be no need for purchaseing more advanced gear from nothing. SR Set despite the simplicity enables to rig lines up to 90m* with 5kN of tension. This kit works best with low stretch webbings.

SR Set include:

  • 2x new Petram Aeris P weblock (old ones on photos)
  • 16m Soft Release with sawn loop
  • Long soft-sheckle for static side
  • 12mm Stainless steel omega sheckles.
  • 2x Stainless steel multiplier buckles.
  • Steel oval carabiner for multiplying.

    Working Load Limit of SR Set: 10kN
    Working Load Limit while tensioning by SR: 5kN
    Minimum Breaking Strength of SR Set: 50kN
    Shackle Working Load Limit:10kN
    Shackle Minimum Breaking Strength: 58kN
    Soft-Shackle Working Load: 8kN (doubled)
    Soft-Shackle Minimum Breaking Strength: 65kN (doubled)
    Buckle Strength: 4kN
    Breaking strength of SR webbing: 20kN
    Weight of SR Set: 1250g

    *lengh possible to tension depends on webbing stretch. (less stretch is recommended for this tensioning metod)