Cito is the lightest webbing holding device in the world. Made for tensioning the slackline.

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Cito is the smalest and the lightest device in the world designed for holding a piece of webbing for tensioning and detensioning purposes. It is made to use with webbing up to 27mm width. Cito works the best with a lightweight buckingham tensioning systems. Dyneema rope can be used with huge variety of connectors but the most it will be used with webbing pulley. Super light constructions with weight of just 50g make this device a best friend for everyone who needs to shave a weight of the gear. It will be the most suitable for alpine projects where every gram counts and for riggers who needs this kind of device by their harness whole day long, now you don’t even notice, it’s there. Cito is equiped with small grey cord spliced on the main dyneema rope for easier handeling in bad conditions, like useing it with gloves or during strong wind. 

New batch is equiped with guides for a webbing to ensure good alignment during tensioning. It also have improved quality over first iretation of the device.

Working Load Limit: 4kN

Minimum Breaking Strength: 12kN

Weight: 50g

Diamensions: 46x43x22mm

Maximum webbing weight: 27mm

Body material: Anodised aluminium

Rubber: Vibram

Rope: Spliced and stiched 4mm Dyneema