Big leashring for freestyle with included rubber padding for additional safety.

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Mollis Leash Ring is out take on redesigning the classic leashring.
It is constructed of a big machined aluminium ring with additional rubber padding. Special patern increase it's ability to absorb hits, while keeping overall size and weight down. With inside diameter of 74mm, Mollis size is adjusted for modern types of lines where connections and additional sleeves are used. What meens no more stuck rings while walking. Next advantage comming from bigger inside diameter is the ability to fit most weblocks inside. Which makes rigging and parking leash easier then ever. Reducing the double ring setup to a single ring generates more pressure to the webbing. That's why we included a flat section in a profile of a ring to maximalize contact surface area with the line, what decrease wear on your beloved webbing.

Every Mollis Ring was tested with 6kN load before exiting our workshop. What ensure it's safe and reliable operations.

Do NOT attempt to use this as a anchor for a slackline!

Working Load Limit: 4kN
Minimum Breaking Strength: 24kN
Weight: ~125g
Outer diameter: 112mm
Inner diameter: 74mm
Width: 18mm
Material: Anodised Aluminium + TPU padding.

This ring is not P.P.E. certified

Mollis ring is currently delivered with new padding design.
For special orders there is a possibility for different colour of a padding and personal engraving.