Rubbery padding to protect you from getting hit by metal leash rings. Works for standard double 60mm id ring setup.

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This rubbery print is our developement to reduce effects of being hit by those metal rings we have to use to stay on the line. Special design absorb and distribute energy when needed. Padding can simply be pressed onto the rings keeping them from radling and securing you from the unfortunete strike during leashfall.

We recomend to use leash cover at the rings side knot (short piece of tube webbing). Padding is sold without rings. It works with all 10mm, 60mm inside diameter rings.

This is NOT a load bearing device. It was designed only to protect from being hit by the rings. Do not use it without proper leashrings.

DIY or Buy as a product. 

If you own a 3d printer you may download the file. And simply print your own piece. 
For all others: You can just buy it. 

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Yep, it is entirely free. If you like my work, and like to contribute, you can leave some feedback or buy me a coffee :)
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Inside (outside ring) diameter - 80mm
Outside diameter - 105mm
Width - 24mm
Weight - about 30g
Material - 95A TPU

Note: 3D printing with TPU can be a bit challenging and recuire proper printing setup. 
We did planty of prototypes to find proper material and technology for best possible quality. 
The print takes from 4 to 6 hours to print, hardness and quality highly depends on printing setup.