The most advanced weblock in our gear familly. Ideal for travel and alpine setups.

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Aeris Mono means less weight and more rigging possibilities. Body of this device was machined out of single block of aluminium what makes it super lightweight yet strong and efficient. High quality stainless steel ball locking pin is easy to use and increase versitality of the locker. This weblock is designed for ~25mm wide webbing. With weight of just 100 grams, it's the lightest full size weblock in the world. However it still have the size you'd expect from a good weblock for convinient operations.

Thanks to center diverter with progresive geometry, the webbing retains more than 90% of its strength. Height of sideplates and size of device can handle thick webbings. Additional string holds the webbing in place to prewent tailwalking, and secure the pin so you won't loose it when the weblock is open. Locking mechanism allows you to pretension the webbing in one way, while it’s locked in the other way. Aeris allows to direct mount of soft-release webbing but also has an additional hole in the back diverter for soft shackles application. It also allows you to tension shorter lines by soft release strap or use hollow main diverter as built in rigging plate.

Construction of this weblock made the tie off easy with the additional carrabiner or with classic tie off knot if you don't like haveing additional gear for this purpose.

Custom engraveing is possible on every piece of gear we made. 

Working Load Limit: 8kN
Working Load Limit for 20mm webbing: 6,4kN

Minimum Breaking Strength: 48kN

Weight: 100g

Diamensions: 97x70x50mm

Main diverter starting diameter: 36mm

Inner width: 26,8mm

Fits soft shackles with 4-7mm rope diameter (suggested 6mm)

Body material: Anodised aircraft aluminium

Ball locking pins material: Stainless steel+ anodised aluminium

Spacers for 20mm webbings are avaliable on request for additional 2Eur, or If you already own a Mono you can 3d print those: