Simpliest and lightest webbing anchor in our lineup. Suitable for ~20 and ~25mm webbing.

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Simplex is the simpliest slackline device made for anchoring your webbing. This ring is designed for 20 and 25mm wide webbing. The rectangular shape allows you to chose inner width according to your webbing size giving you optimal geometry. The webbing retains more than 80% of it’s orginal strength. Locking mechanism allows you to pretension the webbing in one way, while it’s locked in the other way when used in single wrap option. Use Double wrap for maximum slippage prevention. Simplex works best with direct mounting to a shackle, preferably „Kingpin” style (Yes, we like this design) for best placement and maximum strengh. Minimalistic design lead to cheep, light weight and versitale device.

Simplex locker works best with aluminium shackles but stainless ones are also great option. 12mm bow or pin for ~25mm webbing and 10mm sheckle, bow or pin for ~20mm webbing.

Working Load Limit: 6kN

Minimum Breaking Strength: 36kN

Weight: 40g

Diamensions: 48x44x12mm

Main diverter diameter: 12mm

Inner width: 21/26mm

Body material: Anodised aircraft aluminium

Custom engraveing is possible on every piece of gear we made.