Our most advanced webbing anchor for 25mm webbing and soft release attachement.

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Aeris P is classic double pin, lightweight webbing anchoring device, made to lower the  weight of your rig and your backpack. High quality stainless steel ball locking pins are easy to use and they increase versitality of the locker. This weblock is designed for 25mm  wide webbing. Thanks to  center diverter with progresive geometry, the webbing  retains more than 90% of  its strength. Haight of the sideplates and  size of device can handle thick and doubled webbings. Locking mechanism  allows you to  pretension the webbing in one way, while it’s locked in  the other way.  Aeris allows to direct mount of soft-release webbing. It also allows you to tension shorter lines by soft release strap.

Personal engraveing is possible

Shims for centering 20mm webbing are avaliable for special request for additional 2Eur

Or you could 3d print those:

Working Load Limit: 10kN

Working Load Limit for 20mm webbing: 8kN

Minimum Breaking Strength: 50kN

Weight: 185g

Diamensions: 104x70x50mm

Main diverter starting diameter: 35mm

Inner width: 26,8mm

Sideplates material: Anodised aluminium

Main diverter material: Anodised aluminium

Ball locking pins material: Stainless steel+ anodised aluminium